Eugenie Bouchard was once a favorite of Canadian tennis, but she has somewhat escaped the spotlight–through no fault of her own recently. It is noteworthy to think that the groundbreaking season that she experienced in year is already eight years old.

Time flies fast when we’re having fun, but the Montreal native hasn’t been having too much fun recently. Forced periods on the sidelines posed much more difficult tasks than actions Serena Williams or Simona Halep.

However, the way to return to the competition was successfully agreed upon, and the star, which at some point could have gone out, is ready to fly away again. Time is on Bouchard’s side, and if a spark can be ignited, rivals in an era of fierce competition for women’s tennis should be careful.


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Kicking can be a happy occupation for many, while the odds that seem to stack up against a certain reason do not cause much fear, but a piece of luck and a push in the right direction will forever be taken from roulette to the tennis court.

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It shouldn’t take long for Bouchard to prove she deserves to sit next to the greats, as the former Wimbledon finalist is happy to get back to her day job. She told about “this is what we do as athletes. The goal is not to train constantly, but to play”


This is a very strong argument when professional sports stars challenge and push themselves to the limit. If there is no competition, motivation and determination can quickly go down.

Bouchard, a two-time athlete of the year according to the Canadian press, managed to keep an eye on the award when she found herself in a situation where others could knock her down. She added, refusing to throw in the towel:” there are so many other great things in life besides tennis, but that’s what I want to do now and for the next few years.”

It will be music for the ears of devoted fans who were passionate about the trip, reaching 5th place in the world in 2014. Currently not classified by and the fact that over the past three years, I have participated in all but one Grand Slam tournament represents a pretty humiliating fall.

However, Bouchard has tasted the high life and knows what it takes to rise to such heights. With Faith flowing through her veins again, it would take a brave soul to argue with her that she’s dealing a serious blow now that she’s back.

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